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What do we do?

Meet Haste: born from the legacy of Lion Beach and now Antwerp's forefront of 3D animation and visual artistry. We've made the world more captivating for brands like VRT, Delta Light and the UN, and also for music sensations like Brutus, High Hi and Compact Disk Dummies.


From high-end 3D renders to iconic music videos, we're on a mission to redefine beauty in every pixel. If you're looking for visuals that not just capture eyes, but hearts and minds, Haste is where your story comes alive.

Animations and artwork
that will burst off the screen.

We empower artists to realize their visions by crafting immersive worlds and translating tracks into mesmerizing music videos. Whether it's VR, mixed media or full-on 3D, we make it all come to life.

High end 3D renders to
drool at.

With our roots in product design, we understand the essence of what every outstanding product or concept requires: a captivating render that encapsulates the narrative and captivates the audience.

Showcase and explain your product. it doesn't even has to exist yet.

Launching a prototype for a medical device or service? Utilize 3D characters to enhance clarity and simplify adjustments as your product evolves. We guarantee a streamlined process, producing pristine content that showcases your product's essence.

Live shows that will lift crowds up.

Life already has its mundane moments, so your visuals and mappings shouldn't add to that. Let's aim beyond the stars, setting our sights on Jupiter, to craft something truly spectacular and exhilarating. We specialize in live mapping and visual displays, and also curate video loops for bands, DJs, events, and more.

Make them look.

We craft vibrant, premium 3D visuals infused with a unique blend of creativity, design, and a touch of whimsy. Engage us from the outset, and you'll be awed by the end result. We're committed to refining until the message resonates perfectly with all

(even if it leads us down the path of "_final_reallyfinal_v8")

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